Our show-star for the season 2010-2011 !

Basil ended the 2010/2011 show season as best adult Bengal in TICA!!
He became a Supreme Grand Champion in his fourth show when he was just nine months and two days old - wow!

Basil beendete die TICA Show-Saison 2010/2011 als bester erwachsener Bengal weltweit!!
Basil wurde in nur vier Ausstellungen und mit neun Monaten und zwei Tage ein Suprime Grand Champion - wahrlich eine Blitzkariere.

Name: Spice Basil

Breed: Bengal

DoB: 26. February 2010

Microchip: 756098100476969

Colour : Brown Spotted Tabby

Eyecolour : Amber

Sex : Male

N. Pedigree : SBT 022610 027

Sire: RW CH Spice Estragon

Breed and colour : Bengal, Brown Spotted Tabby

Dam : RW SGC Kalanikats Chanel of Spice

Breed and colour : Bengal, Brown Spotted Tabby

Breeder : Boris Ehret

Owner: Boris Ehret

PKDef: N/N

HCM clear: January 18th. 2011

HCM Clear: January 12th 2012

Basil as a young kitten.